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How to Create a Living Will and Trust and How to Determine Who Gets What Possessions Community Legal Services

Keep your Will Safe

The last thing to do is in this guide on how to create the living will and trust. Just like any important document be sure to keep your will safe. This can be the bank, in a reputable attorney's office, a secure safe, or even a secure deposit box.

It should also include other documents that include title, passwords and insurance policies. This allows the executor of your will to search for all your important documents during your absence. You can let someone you trust, like the successor, access the documents and give them access.

Be sure to keep your Will Current The Date

In the event of a major alteration in your life such as being married, having a baby, purchasing the home you want, going through a divorce and buying a house changing states, or the loss of a loved one and it's important to ensure that your will be updated.

Most people delay plans for their estates until the reality hits their plans when it's way too late. Most people believe that trust and living will are for only the rich or are too complicated. Many people do not want to have any conversation or thought about death. As you'll see in this guide on how to draft a living will and trust it's not just for the wealthy. It's not just about passing away. Living trusts give the option of deciding what happens to your assets in the event of your death and after you're gone.