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Shine Articles » How to Choose Between Invisalign and Braces

It may also create a more pronounced sheen, making it stand out. Clean the accessory using an denture brush or smooth-bristled toothbrush and an antibacterial soap. 2. 2. Before you return the accessory to your mouth, floss your teeth and then brush them. A poor oral hygiene routine can result in food particles that are stuck between your teeth and tray. This can increase the risk of developing dental health issues like tooth decay. 3. Keep your Aligners in the car all the time Daily soaking the trays will ensure that you have hygienic cleanliness and will keep bacteria bay. They can be placed in a special Invisalign cleansing solution or make half-and-half water and vinegar solution. After soaking them, rinse under cool or cool water for about fifteen minutes before inserting the aligners in your mouth. It is important to avoid using hot water to clean the aligners, as this could influence their fit. 4. Thoroughly Rinse Your Trays Your aligners must be cleaned aligners each morning after you brush your teeth, and each night prior to going to sleep. Morning routines help flush away any dry saliva and bacteria that could build up during the night while maintaining a healthy oral health. 5. Keep your aligners safe inside your travel bag Invisalign is supplied with a carry case that makes storage simpler and easier. The case is perfect to carry around with and store your aligners. Protective casings protect your tray from being damaged by accident and keep them in good condition. The tray can be set outside in the open air for a while to allow bacteria to build up and spread to your mouth. You might have problems in the case of brace wearers when you decide to use Invisalign over braces. Here are some suggestions to aid you in taking care of and maintain your dental accessories.