2016: Year in photos (And a big announcement)

So one of the things I discovered in 2016 is that working in marketing for a camera company, while an awesome and fun experience, actually leaves much less time for photography than I thought. The other thing I found out was that it is incredibly hard to maintain multiple social media identities – something I … Continue reading “2016: Year in photos (And a big announcement)”

Three tips, better shot: Jewelry and “El Bokeh Wall”

While I can’t take credit for the genesis of this technique (shoutout to Laya Gerlock and his “El Bokeh Wall” writeup in PetaPixel) I did take it and apply it to an engagement ring and took the whole thing out of the studio. The basic thrust of the technique here is that by using a … Continue reading “Three tips, better shot: Jewelry and “El Bokeh Wall””